Friday, 3 May 2013

First post..

I've been thinking about writing a blog for a while.
But first, I introduce my partner-in-crime: @Garima Takyar. My loyal sidekick that’s always there to laugh at me and knock some sense into me, just so I can do the same with her!
We share almost everything in our lives: habits, routines, passions, and a highly annoying stubborn sense of knowing what we want from ourselves and each other.

So why write a blog, you say?

Well, sometimes to explain ourselves, sometimes to think out aloud, sometimes to rant, and sometimes to reach out. But most of all, we write to tell the people we care about, about our lives and our wanderings.

A little background: 

We’re a twenty-something duo living in Toronto. We’re both engineers, both work for the same company and both obsessed with fitness and endurance. We both moved to Canada for higher studies and generally, to find a higher sense of purpose and happiness.

We both achieve to push ourselves day after day, to become a better team than individuals: whether in endurance sports or in balancing our life goals.

Anyway…more later. Hopefully we can make this a habit and keep this blog alive..!

Keep pedaling.

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