Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ottawa ITU World AG Duathlon Championships - Pre and post race!

Whoa! This was some crazy extended weekend!

The hype to the World Championships lived up to expectations for sure!

Think: Mingling with world class athletes, Canada's capital in the background, downtown parade, photo shoots and lots of catching up with school friends! Oh, and the race itself! All in 4 days!

 I'll post a separate blog entry for the race itself, so here I just wanted to show what we both were upto for these days.


Our weekend started early on Thursday as both of us took two days off work to make the drive to Ottawa for kicking off the race festivities.


2013 Team Canada at World ITU Duathlon AG Championships - Parliament Hill, Ottawa

 Saturday - RACE DAY!

Coming soon...!
It works better this way for people who just enjoy reading and don't need to go through our boring details of the race, numbers, etc!

After both of us were done, we knew we hadnt won any medals, so we waited around and chatted up some friends. Then we took our bikes and biked the odd 5km back to our hotel on tired legs.

At this point, both of us were ready to take a nice nap, but we had a busy day ahead and it was just noon!

First off, I went to a local bike shop to redeem the $100 gift certificate I had won the last time I was here in Ottawa (September 2012 - Iron Distance 226 Duathlon). After some mumbling and grumbling at the shop, we met up with Steph and Kayla for lunch. Yay!

Then we headed back to the race site to watch the World Duathlon Elite Juniors (Under 23) Championships. Man, these guys are stupid fast. And stupid young, too!

His half stride at > 19 km/hr is more than what most people look like sprinting...

After we were done, we met up with an old Carleton friend: Rohit, who went to school with Garima and lives/works in Ottawa.

Super cool guy. He keeps fit, but is more into the lazy type of biking though, he uses a motor! :P


After a rock solid 8 hour sleep, we woke up and quickly packed up all our stuff for checking out of the hotel.

We were supposed to meet up more friends for brunch/breakfast. But we bumped into the Canada Moose on the way:

Walking around Ottawa in Team Canada uniforms was pretty cool. We felt a tiiny bit special and it was good to have home town support during the race....

Race report coming soon! Keep pedaling...

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