Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Well, hello there, stranger...

Time for a long due update!!

Wow, its been a while since we posted on here. Lots and lots of changes happened since the turn of the new year and our trip to India.

Since the last time I wrote,  me and Garima were getting on a plane for a trip back home to New Delhi, so its only fitting that I can formally announce…

Me and Garima are now married! 

Needless to say, the trip was hectic and very eventful, typical of Indian weddings.

We were also very glad to be host for our common friend from our Carleton days, Cindy, who traveled all the way from Ottawa to be part of our wedding!! Thanks Cindy!

For our honeymoon, we went to Maldives for a week. It was pure bliss. Both of us usually only take one vacation every year, and its usually to travel back to India, so we haven’t got a chance to see much of the world or take a real lazy vacation ever since we started working full-time. 

 So we had a blast…lots of scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing…
…sun-bathing, getting local tours of Maldives islands

…and obviously, fishing having tons of yummy seafood/barbeques!!

Then we went back to New Delhi for a few days before heading back to Canada, but in these few days, Garima had a little orientation into my family:

 When we came back to Toronto, I was really depressed seeing a white sheet of snow firmly planted on the landscape. I thought to myself, “Well, at least its Mid-February now, only 1-2 months of winter left”.
Little did I know…here we are sitting in Mid-May and its only in the last 2 weeks that it’s really beginning to feel like summer. What a sucky winter we’ve had!

Of course, once we were back, normal life resumed. Work’s been tough lately, and was hard to adjust back to the grind.

Getting back into training mode has been rough…sometimes plagued by the “why I do this?”, “…there’s really no goal race to train for this year, so what should I work towards?”, getting sick due to change in weather between India/Canada, getting caught in the flu season., and when not plagued with these ailments, just sucking at workouts because of the 1.5 months break from January to Mid-February and lack of consistent training. Bah.
Taking this vacation also meant that we used up all of our vacation this year, so we’re working like mules for the rest of 2014, which, in turn, meant that we couldn’t travel back home again in April for me to attend my cousin’s wedding. Boo.

Anyway, that was a quick update, stay tuned for more since we’ve already been busy competing in running races this year!!  Plus, some summer trips and visits from family!

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