Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tales from Amsterdam and Aachen!

Wow…it’s been a busy couple of days! Time has just blitzed by after we arrived in Maastricht week and a half ago. Although now we are back in Canada, I am just getting the chance to upload a few pics and details of our trip.  I'll break it down into a few posts, so here goes the first one!

After we enjoyed our first day in Maastricht, we headed straight to Amsterdam the next day!

Day 2 - Amsterdam

On the way to Amsterdam, we stopped by a small tourist spot in Zaandam, to see some of the famed windmills this country has to offer:

We also got to see some inner workings of one of the mills:


Then we moved on to Amsterdam. We really enjoyed this day despite being half jetlagged from landing in Europe just one day before. 

Garima’s favorites from Amsterdam:
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Lots of waterways, canals and bridges
  • “Green” lollipops! (Take a guess…it was Garima’s take on legal Marijuana!)
  • Tulips and flowers

We also made the compulsory trip to Red Light District that night (sorry, no photos were allowed! ;) )

Then we had some fun with the giant Amsterdam sign!

Day 3 - Aachen

The next day, we decided to rent 2 bikes and make the trip to nearby town of Aachen. It was 32 kms each way (including getting lost!) and we absolutely loved the ride. It was very scenic, even though 90% of the route was right next to a regional highway. Here are some pics we took along the way and of the city centre:


Once there, we were awed by the great atmosphere, pedestrian friendly markets/pubs and jaw-dropping bakeries with yummy stuff to eat!

Keep pedaling.

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