Thursday, 5 February 2015

Where have we been....!?!

Where have we been...!?!

Time to catch up. But first up...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

That news is 37 days old now, but still valid!.

- First off, we're happy to announce that we're BOTH supported by 3SIXTY5 cycling again in 2015! Mark and Chris are awesome guys! If you want to know more about these wheels, get in touch with us.

- We're both also part of OYL cycling team with Tyler this year. Look out for some cycling race reports in the summer! Check us out on FB:

Fall 2014:

...we did nothing significant! So 'routine' pretty much sums it up.

Christmas Break:

We spent our Christmas catching up with family first here in Toronto.

Then we made a last minute decision to visit Sankalp and Charu in New York. I hadnt seen Sankalp since Pulkit's wedding in 2012 and never met his wife, Charu.
Last time I got to go and visit him was back in 2007 when he was in Minneapolis along with other cousins of mine (Nitika, Nitya) this was a fun road trip.

Also...i had never driven longer than 4-5 hours, so it was to handle the boredom of sitting behind the wheel by eating all the time!

Once there, we were blessed with unseasonably warm weather...which meant we could spend time outdoors...

First up: the famous Rocky Balboa footprints in Philly:

and then we appreciated some artwork (where Garima was talking with "The Thinking Man"):
Garima: "What have you been thinking about????"

Then for fun's sake, we went to Atlantic City. Pretty boring in this festive time, actually.

New York was always on the list but we were never sure if it would be a good idea to go into the city madness on New Year's Eve. Sankalp/Charu drove us to New Jersey where we were welcomed by some of their friends that hosted us.

Then we went around Manhattan looking at various things...just being goofy.

All of Times Square was actually cordoned off by NYPD for a few blocks for the NYE concert going on, so we couldnt get anywhere close to it. So we went back to NJ and had dinner there.

                                                                (Rockefeller Centre)

Funnily enough, we left early from that place and actually spent the stroke of midnight in a car heading back to Philly!

We generally enjoyed a lot of down time and procrastination over this week. It was nice.

And ..ate a lot:

The damage was done. Once back, we found out that I had gained 10 pounds since the beginning of December and Garima gained 5 pounds. Time to get back in the gym like all new year enthusiasts!!

Keep pedaling.

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  1. Great Bhai ! - You should keep putting up more posts. What about the trips to greece and barcelona ?
    . Do post them

    - Pulkit