Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Binbrook Duathlon 2013. (It should really be called..."Race to HERO burgers"!)

5k Run / 30 km Bike / 5 km Run

Lets begin by mentioning that last year edition of this race was horrible! Me and Garima got stuck at the entry of the conservation area  and missed our start! We had to keep chasing the real race and I happened to ride the entire bike course with my rear wheel rubbing against the frame and hitting the chainstay…

Things just went downhill from there! Haha…seems funny only a year later!

So this year’s race went as follows:

The race organizers stepped it up and listened to our concerns from last year. The parking was much more efficient and we made it to the start line with plenty of time (even to do a short warm-up!) However, in my opinion, they fixed  one thing and made another worse! The run course last year was roughly 50% gravel but through some overgrown bushes and mud sludge due to rain. This year, they removed that section and conveniently miscalculated the total distance. It ended up being 5.30 km for each leg. Now, it doesn’t affect ranking at all and you nitpickers out there may say I didn’t run the shortest possible route (tangents…) but I beg to differ. I was the 4th place runner and I took the most direct route there was, and nearly everyone post-race agreed with me.

OK, /rant over. Time to carry on…

Parichit’s Race:

5km Run     – 20:54 mins (5.30kms, 3:55 min/km pace)

30 km bike –  51:20 mins (35.1 km/hr official, 36.0 km/hr recorded avg. without 
                                                   mount/dismount walk)

5 km Run    – 21:20 mins (5.30 kms, 4:01 min/km pace)

Decent legs today. First run was solid as I cruised in 4th overall, and so was the bike. Was able to  average 206W for a 35.7 km/hr pace, which was bang on what I wanted.  My biking and transitions (no flying mounts for me!) still suck so I lost my place from 4th to 12thoverall before the second run!

The second run is usually a sufferfest anyway, but for some reason my legs didn’t open up after the first km like they usually do. I blame it on the damn gravel/grass that deadened all peppi-ness in my stride! I still managed to run down 5 people to finish 7th overall.

Garima’s Race:

5km Run     – 25:47 mins (5.30kms, 12.3 km/hr, 4:52 min/km pace)

30 km bike –  53:01 mins (33.0 km/hr official split)

5 km Run    – 25:38 mins (5.30 kms, 12.4 km/hr, 4:50 min/km pace)

As soon as I saw the results, my first thought was: “Holy shit! Did I just bike that fast?” 
Looks like those torture 20X20 sessions Sunny made me do all winter actually helped! Oh and the fact that I actually didn’t try to wear my aero helmet backwards this time! Little things like helmet aerodynamic advantage add up too.

To top it off, I negative split the 2nd run! It was faster than my 1st run. Sunny is so perplexed how I manage to do this every single time! Haha! Take that, skinny legs!

I think I got my helmet on the right way this time...maybe I should check?


We chomped down on some HERO burgers and gulped down cartons of chocolate milk. That’s why we love these MSC races! :D Probably ate way more than we burned in 90 mins of exercise, too! Ah well…

Sunny placed 2nd in his AG and Garima came 3rd in F25-29.

This was a good race!

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